SVG Assortment Gadget



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Use high quality graphics inside your panoramas. Change the shapes, colors, sizes without loosing a bit of quality. Scalable Vector Graphics allow you to keep images quality for buttons and any skin content.

The gadget includes all the SVG files shown in the above sample (340 SVG files in total).

Please note that the only documentation provided are the SVG files itself, so, in order to modify the SVGs to your particular needs it is mandatory that you know how to use an SVG editor, like Adobe Illustrator or the free application Inkscape.

We design our skins and gadgets with the new technologies and devices in mind and also trying to enhance its usability, specially with fingers in touch screen devices. The support of SVG files rendering may differ in the available browsers and its versions. For full compatibility, check the option "Convert SVG to PNG" inside the pano2vr skin editor.


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