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For some real estate virtual tours is mandatory to add a compass. With this gadget you will get six different ways to do it. The SVG graphic elements included can be modified by you to adapt the look and feel, colors, sizes, etc.

The skin includes all the elements to make it work exactly as it is in this site, i.e., includes the example panorama, all the graphics/buttons (in SVG and PNG formats) and the ".p2vr" and ".ggsk" files.

Please note that the only documentation provided is the skin itself, so, in order to modify the skin to your particular needs it is mandatory that you know how to use pano2vr's skin editor. We strongly recommend that you do all the excellent tutorials provided by Garden Gnome Software in their site. Those tutorials can be found in this link.

We will send your the complete set of files with the same project example that you see above in this page.

Also you will receive (embedded in the skin) all the graphic elements (icons/buttons) used in the skin in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. In this format, you can edit the shape, size, colors, etc. of each of those skin elements to suit your needs.

We design our skins and gadgets with the new technologies and devices in mind and also trying to enhance its usability, specially with fingers in touch screen devices. This gadget works well in most device screen sizes. Provides great compatibility among personal computers, smartphones and tablets. Was developed to be used mainly in HTML5 capable browsers.

To edit/modify the gadget/skin, you need a licence of PANO2VR v4 and also you need to know how to use pano2vr's skin editor.


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